Translucent: A backlit fabric that enables perfect diffusion of light in order to achieve the desired ambience. Our Translucent Stretch Ceiling ensures optimum and even dispersion of light, enhancing the interiors of the space.


Lacquer: A high gloss finish with a slightly reflective surface that gives a larger feel to space while maintaining a very sophisticated look.


Matte: A self textured opaque fabric that gives a smooth and rich finish with the technical advantages of a Stretch Ceiling.

Printed Stretch Ceiling

Printed Stretch Ceiling: Enhance your space’s design with our Printed Stretch Ceilings. We provide UV Printed Stretch Ceilings that are best used for office spaces, with corporate logos or theme colors. It can be used in children’s bedrooms with their favorite characters printed on our Stretch Ceilings. It can also be used to complement our Custom Built Light Elements, to give a translucent fabric an onyx stone finish or any other finish of our customer’s choice.

Custom Built Light Elements

Custom Built Light Elements: Custom Built Light Elements go beyond the standard light fittings and fixtures. Our elements are decorative and ornamental, best suited for large commercial spaces, airports, lounges, offices, restaurants, residential lobbies, atriums, etc.